Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day

Mother's Day this year was awesome concidering this was my first year that I was actually a mom! My boys spoiled me! First I got flowers and a home made card! Then Van decided to give me the best gift of all. An all nighter! Considering he has been sleepin through the night since he was like four-five months he was up every hour and when he finally fell asleep it had to be in my arms in my bed! So me and Ty were up most of the night.(Come to find out Van had two ear infections)
Well it still was an awesome afternoon. We were late to church but my sweet amazing husband got me a Cricut for  Mothers Day! I was thrilled! I got spoiled as usual and i don't deserve it but i'll take it! With two boys in the house I got to stay craftey even if its by myself ;) Thanks boys for an awesome mothers day!

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Van lovin' his bath!!

Cousin Peyty and Van eatin lunch!